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Organisatorische Informationen Kursbeschreibung

eventdetails open Kursbeschreibung

Art der Prüfung (Englisch):
The course will be either pass or fail.

50% Group project and presentation (due date 28/11/2018)

20% Online course quizzes (28/11/2018)

30% Python programming with Data Camp Course (28/11/2018)

100% Total

Kursinhalt (Englisch):
1. Data Use Case Exploration

2. Data Thinking

3. Python Programming

4. Machine-learning techniques

5. Unsupervised, supervised and reinforcement learning

6. Data assets valuation and strategy

7. Data gap analysis

8. Proof of Concept evaluation and screening

9. Data generation design

10.Operational assessment

Voraussetzungen für die Teilnahme (Englisch):
This course will introduce students to methods for data driven decision making in business. It will cover methods designed to provide evidence for two types of fundamental business issues. The first is identifying data use cases and the second is evaluating and validating possible solutions. The course is intended to train business leaders to 1) understand the value of data-based decision making 2) evaluate analytics tools and products and 3) manage the keys steps of the data analysis process.

Topics include understanding the process of extracting business value from data, how data science teams work and which machine learning concepts can be applied to which problems
Literatur (Englisch):
Text chapters and cases will be posted on the online course website before the beginning of the course. All PowerPoints used in this course will be made available to students shortly after class.

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