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Organisatorische Informationen Kursbeschreibung

eventdetails open Kursbeschreibung

Kursinhalt (Englisch):
Workshop "Effective self-presentation skills in various recruiting settings" offered by Christine Geissler

Workshop content:
- During this full day workshop, priority will be given to hands-on exercises, where you will be able to practice your skills as an applicant and get to know the views of recruiters likewise.
- The session will also include an opportunity for individual feedback on your self-presentation skills.

Registration process:
If you have not registered so far -> Please register for ONE of the available dates:

Available dates for the selection:

  • Monday, October 29:  8.30 am - 6 pm
  • Friday, November 2:  8.30 am - 6 p m
  • Saturday, November 3:  8.30 am - 6 p m


Maximum size of each group will be 12 participants! Once we have reached the maximum size of participants we will close the registration