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Organisatorische Informationen Kursbeschreibung

eventdetails open Kursbeschreibung

Art der Prüfung (Englisch):
The course will be either pass or fail.

50% Group projects/assignments (due date is every week the day before the next session at 9pm)

50% Group presentation of their project (last day of class)

100% Total

Kursinhalt (Englisch):
1. Pain point discovery using an empathy map and the share & capture method

2. Idea generation by analyzing pain points with a fictive persona

3. Idea validation with the help of potential user feedback and hypothesis testing

4. The agile framework Scrum (and JIRA the tool behind Scrum)

5. Prototyping with wireframes/mockups (static images of the user interface)

6. Applying with basic coding skills such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

7. Quantitative testing with landing pages 8. Setup and best practices of a technical pitch

Voraussetzungen für die Teilnahme (Englisch):
This course will introduce students to hypothesis-driven product development. It covers methods to extract user pain points, ideate solutions and validate them. Every participant will take the journey from the process of generating a unique product idea to developing their very first prototype. We will provide every participant with methodologies, tools and very basic coding skills so that they are fully prepared for developing any software products regardless of the industry.
Literatur (Englisch):
Text chapters and cases will be posted on the course website before the beginning of the course. All PowerPoints used in this course will be made available to students shortly after class.

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